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Subrogation Collections works with Hospitals and Patients to resolve Healthcare Subrogation.

Getting Medical Subrogation Claims Paid

Subrogation Collections works with insurance agencies that need to recover medical expenses for injury or illness – either directly through “subrogation” claims, or indirectly through “reimbursement” claims when caused by third parties. Healthcare payers and plans typically pursue reimbursement of readily identifiable subrogation matters, including automobile and premises liability claims. However, we also look for more unique collection opportunities that are often glossed over. Subrogation Collections knows how to work with specialized, costly medical subrogation claims.

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Healthcare and Medical Subrogation

Many employers that provide health benefits to their employees contain a right of subrogation. This allows the plan to recover medical benefits given to a participant who was injured by a third party. There are some healthcare plans that will not issue payments or cover any medical benefits to their insured if there is a third party involved, unless the participant agrees in writing to reimburse the plan for any recovery. These are considered subrogation provisions and are based on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Subrogation Collections' Medical Subrogation

Typically, health payers and plans don’t have the means to identify and pursue recovery in complex claims because they lack the necessary tools to do so. Sequoia Financial is committed to serving our clients by providing the necessary tools to take action and recover funds.

Our team consolidates subrogation activities to eliminate the risk of losing recoveries and maximize productivity to receive settlements and cash quickly. We work diligently and efficiently to avoid delays that could lead to a potential loss of revenue and compromise the outcome of the settlement.

Subrogation Collections works directly with the corporation medical plan administrator and other carriers, such as disability carriers and pharmacy benefits carriers, and integrates the claims into one. This unique strategy allows our legal team and subrogation department to oversee all aspects of the subrogation process and negotiate terms effectively.

Medical Subrogation Claim Analysis

High-dollar recoveries have the tendency to be complicated and complex. Subrogation Collections will provide a thorough analysis of every case, large and small, to make a clear strategy with informed decisions that lead to resolved medical subrogation claims.


Our process is consistent regardless of the balance of your claim. All Medical Subrogation Claims are scanned and electronically filed for easy reference and enhanced security. We identify Subrogation potential, submit demands and perform calling cycles on your behalf. Most accounts are resolved within 45 days or less. If revenue is not collected, qualified claims are pursued through our inter-company arbitration or legal departments until accounts are resolved.


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Average 60-75% Recovery Rate on nonperforming claims.


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