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Last revised December 1st, 2008
Protecting personally identifiable information about you and your business is important to us at Subrogation Collections.

How Subrogation Collections Receives Your Information

There are a number of ways that Subrogation Collections could receive your personal/company information:

  1. You might give us that information to us directly as a response to a call we placed to you or a letter you received and responded to that communication.
  2. Your service providers that we represent (AKA your creditors such as your insurance carrier, material supplier, services provider) very well might have provided that information to us during the course of our contractual business relationship with them. This would be where your creditor-placed your or your business with us for third-party collection of what our creditor claims is due them from you.
  3. You might provide that information to us when you make a payment to us.

Types of personal and or company information we receive may include the following:

  1. Contact information and identifying information that might include things such as, names, address, voice phone, fax phone, email address, cell or mobile phone number, social security numbers (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEIN).
  2. If you are a corporation or LLC we might obtain publicly known information such as the officers or managers of the entity, statutory agent and current status of the LLC or corporation.
  3. Via our clients' placement of your account with us and their credit application we might learn of your corporate make up, credit references, where you bank and if you personally guaranteed the debt due our client.
Subrogation Collections commitment to protecting personal or company information.

We have in place several measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized processing, disclosure, accidental loss, destruction, or damage to your personal or company information. These measures include but by no way are limited to a computer security policy and related procedures for data storage and destruction, restriction of access to those employees who have a job related need to research personal/company information and who have proper authorization to access such information and comprehensive system monitoring tools to detect potential unauthorized access. Further, we require that our subcontractors enter into agreements that protect company or personal information. Our commitment to protecting personal or company identifiable information also means that:

  1. We will NOT sell your personal or company information to any third party.
  2. We will NOT use, transfer, or disclose your personal or company information to anyone outside of Subrogation Collections unless authorized by you, except in the connection with your creditor's instructions, as required by law, in response to a law enforcement request, or as necessary to protect the interests, property and rights of Subrogation Collections and its creditor clients.
Making Corrections
Subrogation Collections is dedicated to accurately maintaining your personal and company information. No one, Subrogation Collections included can guarantee that your information we have will be one hundred percent accurate at all times, we will take all reasonable steps to correct incorrect information that is brought to our attention either by you, your creditor or by our research. If you need to update your information contact, please be clear and concise in your communications. Please understand that in some instances only your creditor may have the authority to update or correct the information we have. If this information is the type that only your creditor can update or correct, we shall forward your request to your creditor.
Notification of Updates
From time to time Subrogation Collections might find it necessary to change, modify and enhance this Privacy Statement. We shall notify you about material changes in the way we treat personal or company information by placing the revised notice on our website. Any revised Privacy Statement will apply to the information we have already collected at the time of revision. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this statement, review it and be aware of it.
Contact Point
Subrogation Collections reserves the right to modify this Statement at any time. Should you have any questions about Subrogation Collections  use of your information or should you have any questions relating to this Statement in any way please contact ____________, phone (800) 123-4567 Ext. ###

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